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Welcome to The Free Spirit Project’s webpage! We are very excited to be sharing this with you. Our only hope is that that you will find joy and laughter and along with that, some enlightenment, in these pages. The Free Spirit Project is designed to help free the spirit within each of us. The project’s mission is to create a space that allows everyone to express their own truth and encourages the growth and expansion of each individual as a part of the whole. The Free Spirit Project encourages each of us to move beyond perceived barriers and limitations to become the unique, empowered, remarkable beings that we are, understanding that we are not defined by our environment or circumstances. And we want to have a lot of fun along the way!


Martha’s Story

The project is a culmination of twenty plus years of experiences, research, teachings and writings, beginning in 1991 when Martha Moore, one of the founding partners of the project, began to challenge the social mores that she was brought up to believe. After getting an MBA and following in her father’s footsteps by becoming a CPA and working for three years, she decided it was time to let go of what she had grown up thinking she would do – get married, have the 2.4 kids and a minivan and move to the suburbs of Chicago.

She took off and began working her way around Australia, challenging herself every day for over two years, facing her fears one by one. And in that process, she experienced what it felt like to be in the flow. She began to play with this idea of what it feels like to be a free spirit and what it means.

At one point along the way, while spending two illuminating months traveling the islands of Fiji, she came face to face with her greatest nemesis, a fellow traveler who saw right through her and announced to the world that she was just “poor Martha, someone who thinks she’s a free spirit but is more like a turtle who can’t get out of her own shell”. Not to make turtles the bad guy here, but it was one of the most painful experiences she had along the way. Mostly because it hit so deep and called her on her own limitations, her own feelings of being trapped in her body, trapped in her mind, trapped in her fears. This traveler was right, she would never be a free spirit. She would never really fly above her limitations, her fears. She would always be encased in a shell that would never come off.

But one thing that was never in her vocabulary was the word “never” – lol. She spent the next 20 years working through these fears and limitations, slowly taking the shell off, piece by piece. She backpacked through the Middle East, did a 3 month safari in Africa, and spent a year in India all the while searching and learning. She traveled through the 50 states and Canada. She spent 12 years studying metaphysical teachings with a group in Boulder, Colorado becoming a facilitator and eventually teaching the material herself, as well as energy methods, such as Reiki. And while it was all illuminating and expansive, there were still restrictions and beliefs that didn’t fit with Martha’s desire to be in the flow and to follow her path regardless of what others felt or believed she should do or was right. Moving through this work finally brought her back to the realization that this is all about being a free spirit! That everything in the universe is designed to operate best when one is in the flow, when one is not constrained by limiting fears and beliefs. In particular, when one is not afraid to face one’s own fears and limitations and move through them. And finally she realized that it is so important to continually be reminded that this is an individual process, no one can do it for you and no one can do it like you.

In October, 2014, The Free Spirit Project was born out of the desire to share this feeling with the world. The project is a place for free spirits to gather, to learn, to share, to laugh, to move through fears and blocks and truly live life to its fullest – to fly free.

Cathy’s Story

IMG_1739 (2)Cathy Macy began working on the project in the summer of 2015. She started out as a client receiving mentoring and energy healing work from Martha since 2011 and has been dedicated to her own personal growth and dreams. She is 55 years old, a mother who singlehandedly raised two beautiful daughters, who are now graduated from college and out on their own.

Her mother passed away when she was two. Her father had Muscular Dystrophy and was not able to raise her so she went to live with an aunt, uncle and cousins in a very dysfunctional, stressful environment. She went out on her own at the age of 17. She became a mother at the age of 29, married to the children’s father who left when they were the ages of 2 and 4.

Always striving to give her children a normal environment, she’s put them first for the past 26 years. And now it’s time for Cathy to make choices and changes in her life that focus on her own dreams. She is the Personal Growth Liaison for The Free Spirit Project and often the first person that you will connect with at the project. She loves sharing stories, relating to people and is so passionate about her beliefs. She is so excited to meet you!


Morgan’s Story

iphone 2 809Morgan began working on the project as early as October 2014. She was there at the beginning and helped to bring it into fruition. Though her contributions ended in April 2015 and she may not find herself able to return to the project, the work and efforts she provided in the early stages of the project were immeasurable.