Free Spirits in Flight – Interview Series

In this series of interviews, we are interviewing people who are taking charge of their lives and making changes, sometimes very significant, life changes.

The purpose is to find out what they are going through as they make these changes, what fears come up, what are the blocks they run into and how do they overcome these fears and blocks?

What happens when they get stuck and don’t know what to do next? How do they keep pushing through even when the odds seem to be stacked against them? And on the flip side, we will go through this experience with them and see the rewards and victories that they experience.

These people are from all walks of life and we are here to show that it doesn’t matter whether you are 20 or 60 years old, you can still take charge of your life and do what you have always dreamed of doing! In other words, you can still be a free spirit!

March 2017 Interview with Bri and Hannah from HER Creative Media

February 2016 Interview with Free Spirit Cathy Macy, Dillon, Colorado

November 2015 Interview with Free Spirit Cathy Macy, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Interview with Free Spirit Cathy Macy

Do you wish you were a Free Spirit?