Your Life Won’t Change Until You Change Your Life

There’s no time like the present to make a change! There’s no time like the present to face your fears and move through them! And working with a Free Spirit Mentor is just the thing to help you reach for your dreams!

Martha Moore – Founder of The Free Spirit Project/Free Spirit Mentor

With over 30 years seeking for answers to what it really means to be a free spirit, traveling the world and discovering life in the flow, facing fears and moving through them one by one, and then teaching and mentoring others to do the same, Martha Moore, the founder of The Free Spirit Project, brings her experience and expertise to this program in an exciting format for positive transformation and healing.

“I have spent my life preparing for this moment when I could bring my practical experiences and my years of teaching and mentoring others together into this life-changing and vibrant format, called The Free Spirit Project. The answers I have been seeking all my life are right here, in this program. They will give you everything you need to change your life! And I am thrilled to bring them to you!”
– Martha Moore

1 on 1 Mentoring with Martha

Making the changes and moving forward in your life is a very personal process and you will have to do the work. No one can do it for you. Along the way however, it is always comforting and helpful to know that you are not alone one this journey. Others have walked similar paths to the one you are walking and they can help you when you are blocked. Sometimes because of the level of fears and blocks that are there, you may not even realize how blocked you are until you have someone from the outside provide you with feedback. There is a balance between going through things by yourself and receiving help from the outside. Achieving the right balance is critical to helping you move along on your journey. Free Spirit 1 on 1 Mentor Sessions with Martha are designed to help you achieve this balance. You will always be encouraged to work on yourself and to be personally responsible for your own growth and development.

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